A single letter proliferates, growing first into a word then a sentence, more sentences, a few thousand sentences… like crystals growing from a single grain of salt. These letters are formed from screen-printed and fired glass powder during a 2014 residency at the Canberra Glass Works and Megalo Print Studio.
Jacqui Malins writing in https://lipmag.com/arts/review-material-poetics/
Like a well-executed magic trick, 'Words' by Nicci Haynes is arrestingly simple. Four glasses of clear liquid stand on a shelf. Floating within, without visible means of support, are typewritten black letters. They appear to be printed directly in the medium, dispersing a little at the edges. Slightly higgeldy-piggeldy, they spell words that are the building blocks of text – ‘letter’, ‘word’, and ‘sentence’. Then they leap, like this work gracefully does, to ‘poem’.

These images are the result of a collaboration
with poet Angela Gardner.
I sent etchings to her. She sent words to me .
Her words, my body.

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